Just a few things you may already know, to speed up your computer. Just a FYI.  

  I use "CCleaner Free" once a day. (free download. I advise using the Piriform or CCleaner.com download)  Clean windows, applications and registry, and use the Microsoft "disk defragmenter" built in to your computer once a week. Puts all your files in order. I used to set it, to do it Sunday mornings, automatically. It will slow your system down til it's done. Or get the free, "Defraggler", also from Piriform, who has CCleaner.

  Just 2 extra tricks with "Defraggler".  You can defrag white space (freespace), under "action, advanced settings" , which will put all your files together, and the boot time defrag under "settings", which will decrease boot up time. I went from 2 min 30 sec to 35 sec boot up time. (I believe, It puts all the boot up files up front, or together). I do both about twice a month.

  The "disk cleanup" built in to windows, is one last thing. Go into start ("click" left bottom corner icon), enter it in. Right click on it above, and click "run as administrator". It will clean all the stored windows updates, etc, that are left over from Microsoft weekly updates. That should keep you "clean". It's a slow process, to clean up the "C" part of your hard drive. 

  You'll notice, like I did, if you've never done "disk cleanup" on windows, "run as administrator", you'll have maybe 8GB of stored updates. It takes it down, and then transfers to your computer, but stores the initial download. I couldn't believe, it doesn't clean up after itself !

  These are all free to use, and really speed things up !   


  P.S.  I also use Glary Utilities, another free download, for cleaning and defragmentation. It has a optimize and boot up time option, as an alternative to Piriform products, when needed.

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