Just a few things you may already know, to speed up your computer. Just a FYI.  

  I use "CCleaner Free" once a day. (free download. I advise using the Piriform or CCleaner.com download)  Clean windows, applications and registry sections. It cleans all your browsers and computer. They do have an "easy clean" option, but I prefer to do it the original way, with "custom clean" and "registry" cleaning. And, use the Microsoft "disk defragmenter" built in to your computer once a week. Puts all your files in order. I used to set it to do it Sunday mornings, automatically. It will slow your system down til it's done. Or get the free, "Defraggler", also from Piriform, who has CCleaner.

  Just 2 extra tricks with "Defraggler".  You can defrag white space (freespace), under "action, advanced settings" , which will put all your files together, and the boot time defrag under "settings", which will decrease boot up time. I went from 2 min 30 sec to 35 sec boot up time. (I believe, It puts all the boot up files up front, or together). I do both about twice a month.

  The "disk cleanup" built in to windows, is one last thing. Go into start ("click" left bottom corner icon), enter it in. Right click on it above, and click "run as administrator". It will clean all the stored windows updates, etc, that are left over from Microsoft weekly updates. That should keep you "clean". It's a slow process, to clean up the "C" part of your hard drive. 

  You'll notice, like I did, if you've never done "disk cleanup" on windows, "run as administrator", you'll have maybe 8GB of stored updates. It takes it down, and then transfers to your computer, but stores the initial download. I couldn't believe, it doesn't clean up after itself !

  These are all free to use, and really speed things up !   

  P.S.  I also use Glary Utilities, another free download, for cleaning and defragmentation. It has a optimize and boot up time option, as an alternative to Piriform products, when needed.

-Dirty USB Connectors (or any connector) :  

  Quick fix: Smash the head of a Qtip down with a clean pair of pliers, and use isopropyl alcohol, to clean and then dry. You will need to force it in a bit, to do it. If you haven't ever done it, you probably need to. Better fix: CRC QD Electronic Cleaner, in a spray can. Expensive, but the can is fully filled, and it dries very quickly, leaving no residue. CRC also works great on key locks, that are jammed up. Saved a headset that I thought had problems, it was dirty USB connectors

  FYI.  Something you may want to invest in, if you're using a laptop. Using "Speccy", a free app that tells you the temperature of your laptop, I went from 86-90 degrees C to 50 degrees C, using a laptop cooler for around $15. There are several different ones available. Will help your laptop last longer. I used to just put a 1/2" piece of wood under the left side where the air fans/intake is.  A laptop cooler is much better. Laptop coolers are available online at eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.  

for 12-17 inch Laptop Cooling Pad Laptop Cooler USB Fan 6 cooling Fans LED Light

- Cleaning your LCD HDTV or computer screen :   

  I bought some microfiber cloths on eBay for about $1.50 for 10 of them. And only use water, if needed. Worth the investment. Anything else can damage the anti-glare/static/dust coating on your screen. You may also want to use them on your smartphone screen.  And, you may already have one, if you got a new pair of glasses. https://hifireference.com/tips-and-tricks/how-to-properly-clean-an-lcd-screen/

- Destructive Malware Or Virus :  

  If you do get hit with a destructive malware, etc try this. It has worked wonders for me in the past. You may even have some features that aren't working right anymore, that this would clean up.  The second one says for Windows 7/8/10 :



- Cell/Smartphone Tip:  

  Google Voice will give you a free phone number to use. You can call and receive calls at no charge, nationwide. (There are a lot of options) Nice to have when you run out of minutes, or your cell coverage is bad, but you can still get WiFi. I've had mine for several years. 

https://www.google.com/voice  or  https://voice.google.com/

- No Internet Tip:

  If your internet goes down, and you need internet access, you can still get 10 hours a month of dial up internet access, free, at NetZero and Juno.  I've had to use it in emergencies, from time to time. Nice to have handy. 



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